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[Back From The Dead!!!!]

Its been a long time since I last made a post but a lot has happened since then. I made several posters and a new CD package, worked on music, played some shows, branded a music festival, and mixed some really cool bands (sometimes I’m a live sound engineer). After a series of events, the site was lost and so I recently set out to rebuild it. I would say a series of unfortunate events, but the truth is that I’ve been feeling the need to rebuild the site anyway and just never made time for it. So, relaunch… this is it: version 2. I have added some additional content to the album design, posters, and web pages and will continue to do so (ideally with more regularity than I had been). You’ll also notice an Instagram section in the sidebar to the right.

[Step right up! One and all!]

Welcome to the new [mopestar media] website. As with any portfolio site, it is a work in progress so feel free to check back for new media. Currently, you can view examples of album art, posters and websites I have worked on. Additionally, you can have a listen to some remixes I have created for various bands. Soon, I will be adding additional merchandise (apparel, prints, etc.), as well as audio and video work. I hope you like what you see and hear and if you ever need audio/visual work done, please feel free to contact me via the contact page.

You can also like [mopestar media] on Facebook where I might be giving things away or having contests of some sort.

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