BOOK OF SHADOWS : the inner world

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year: 2007

notes: The eleventh release by Artificial Music Machine is an improvised experimental journey by Austin underground icon and ST37 co-founder, Carlton Crutcher, his wife Sharon, and several other key members of the Austin experimental scene. With the submission of the audio master, several illustrations by Sharon were submitted for inclusion in the art. Each image seemed to have a connection with one of the songs on the album but I felt they were more interesting as a series than any individual piece would have been as the final cover. This lead to what now seems the most obvious choice… to create a book of shadows. The cover image is based on one of the submitted illustrations and acts as the cover of the book of shadows. As a book, the album art includes a frontispiece, title page, chapter pages for each song/illustration, a colophon, and back cover. Details of the art include AMM endpaper and ghost text from adjacent pages.

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