CHANT : strong words for strong people

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artist: CHANT


year: 2010

notes: For this album, a pounding discourse on language, control, desire, and human experience, inspiration was found in urban street movements. The outer package was designed as a graphic call to arms; echoing the aesthetic of military insignias. Within this shell are artistic representations of each of the nine songs on the album; some of which include hand painted elements. They were developed as bold images that would look just as powerful whether framed on a wall, printed on a t-shirt, or plastered along city walls. Though all nine posters appear in an accompanying PDF file, they were inserted randomly into the normal version of the CD; one poster per CD. They were also released together within a limited edition hand painted box set. The digital materials included on the CD also featured printable sticker and stencil files of the cover design.

Several t-shirt designs and a limited edition, signed “Revolt” 3 panel poster set were released concurrently.

For more information about this release or merchandise, visit the Chant website.

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