RELENTLESS JONES : stranger things

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year: 2012

notes: While discussing imagery for this cover, the band submitted a list of details and ideas from the lyrics and stories of the songs on the album. These included water, mermaids, a girl in a fountain, and a woman’s eyes through a burqa. A theme immediately appeared so I set out to create a design that included water imagery and a woman’s face. I’ve always been fascinated by jellyfish and felt that they would be a good representation of a strange water element. To further express a sense of vague familiarity while maintaining a certain level of peculiarity, I used images of clouds to create the water textures; an effect that subtly resonates the albums title. This then gave way to working in an abstract interpretation of a woman’s veiled face by letting the aquatic element act as a veil. The rest of the package design fall into more expressionist territory; resembling the surreal emotions of seeing nothing but water meet sky on a vast and deserted horizon.

detail views: