THE NIMBUS : ™WORD (The Many Ways Of Rainy Days)

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artist: THE NIMBUS


year: 2014

notes: For this first release by The Nimbus, I took a DIY approach as well as a progressive digital approach that I had yet to see anyone else do. For the limited physical release, I went with the CD version of an album sleeve as I have done on several other projects. To make it more interesting, however, the single sided sleeve was to be printed on both sides of translucent vellum and subsequently embellished by the blue serigraph elements. This created three layers of depth to the frosty sleeve which was then tinted a light blue by wrapping it around a blue poster. The poster was printed from a scan of a collage and then embellished by hand with a two stencil logo. Since the physical release was only going to include these two hand embellished elements, a stand alone ™WORD website was created to present lyrics and liners while providing streaming and purchasing access.

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